Sin is not knowing it…

we usually associate to the 5 senses tempting experiences that challenge conventions .
For our team the only sin is not to see , not to touch , not to hear , not to smell , not to taste everything life has to offer.
5 Sins

A PASSION for Lisbon and its ancient buildings , coupled with the pleasure of traveling and experiencing different cultures, has led to a project that aims to provide a different experience in this vibrant city , full of history . In Lisbon we lose ourselves in all temptations , sin is not enjoying the river , not to see the sights , not to wander the hills , not to sample the cuisine and nightlife this city reconciles as no other.
CHIADO  is the perfect location for any visitor , the best neighborhood of the capital is close to everything you could want to feel in Lisbon , day or night.
In a restored building with centuries of history in the heart of Chiado , our guests can take advantage of the common areas , dining room, living room and kitchen featuring original decor , with character, impossible to reproduce in another house that does not have balconies facing this historic street where everyone wants to stroll, shop and listen to the traditional fado . Good for relaxing after a day of sightseeing or to hang out before a lively evening .
At your disposal are different types of rooms to provide the best possible experience to those who share with us the space we have devised for all types of guests .


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